No girl at any age could say no to jewelry . NONE .  Swarovski has been a hot item now and then . Lots of dresses, scarves and even watches are embellished with Swarovski Crystal these days.

It look so lovely at my first glance , and yes it still is after the purchase was made! The Guardian Stud Pierced Earrings.


Jewel lovers especially Swarovski should head down to nearest Swarovski Store or just visit Swarovski !



Picture Diary : Bandung, Indonesia.

IMG_9846 copy.JPGIMG_9846 copy.JPG

Gunung Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung is the most famous tourist volcano. For my personal review that i would like to share, this place have a very strong sulphur scent , but the sulphur is beneficial especially for skin ! Amazing isn’t it ?IMG_9922 copy.jpg

IMG_9929 copy.JPGIMG_9930.JPG

Floating Market Lembang , where the f&b are sold in row of sampan or boats. The Sate Kelinci is the boom. It is a rabbit skewers which are so juicy and tender .

IMG_9952 copy.jpg

Tittle-tattile about Bandung will for ever be the leather goods and clothes direct from factory.  Get em all at great price with great embience. Check out Rumah Mode Factory Outlet .

Picture Diary : Jakarta, Indonesia.

IMG_9675 2IMG_9703.jpgIMG_9704 2.jpgIMG_9771.jpgIMG_9713 2.JPGIMG_6335.JPG

View from my room at Le Grandeur, Mangga Dua, Jakarta. This hotel is beautiful even though  it is kinda old yet, in well-maintenance condition.


Make sure to head down to Pondok Laguna. Experience the best West Java cuisine from the first bite of the scrumptious TAUHU KIPAS as their significant menu besides the great atmosphere . Somehow, it kinda pack for dinner . Check out the review and the location  here .

IMG_9780 copy.JPGIMG_9775 copy.jpg

A must visit and buy at Hard Rock Cafe ! 😀